ThreadScope Patch

March 05, 2014


So I had some issues installing threadscope earlier.

After having installed the dependencies I had problems with building ThreadScope due to changes in ghc. The errors are right here: gist to threadscope errors

A few tips on haskell on archlinux:

     Don't use Pacman, AUR or another package manager to install anything other than:
     ghc and cabal.
     For everything else use cabal install i.e `cabal install package_name`

Anyhoo the real matter here is that there was a problem with the source in ThreadScope.

The assumption is that you have all the dependencies met. Get ThreadScope source files from: ThreadScope source

Here is the patch: {% gist 9367418 threadscope.diff %}

If you have issues applying the patch read on it here: [How to apply a patch quickly.]({% post_url 2014-03-05-How-to-apply-a-patch-quickly %})

99% of it is really thanks to source of diff where you can see the patch was submitted by Bob Ippolito as an attachment.

The issue with the patch there is that it misses the tiny change GUI/Main.hs